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Pep Rally Poll

FARRAH MORGAN Jon Jee Staff Published: September 19, 2017 8:00 AM

The past two Fridays our school has had pep rallies. They put everyone in a good mood, and more students tend to show up to the games. Students as well as staff get to participate in activities, and everyone gets to be involved. Pep rally’s benefits students because class periods are shorter, and the school day goes by faster. Having the pep rallies tend to create more school spirit and gets everyone excited for the games. I asked a few fellow students how they felt about the pep rallies.  

While many did enjoy them, there are a few who do not.

One anonymous student said she does not like them because “they focus on the football team too much, rather than the other fall sports/ students.” So far, pep rallies have been based around the games that take place on Fridays, but there is inclusion of most groups as every club walked out to present themselves. Also, everyone has the opportunities to participate in the activities and games that take place.

A different student said he enjoys them because “it brings all the students together.” The whole student body is brought together to create spirit with one another. While currently pep rallies are made to excite people for the game, the activities are fun and includes everyone.

Should there be a pep rally every Friday?

Vote yes or no on our twitter poll @haley_matheny

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