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Boys find bottle under tree

Katie Bennett Jon Jee Business Manager Published: October 17, 2010 12:00 AM

Remember when you were in elementary school? And you used to play on the playground with your friends. You would touch the sky on the swings, run so fast you couldn't feel the ground beneath your feet while playing a game of tag, and then cool down in the shade of a tree. These activities haven't changed much as time has moved on.

But recently, while playing under the oak tree at New Concord Elementary School, two young boys found a broken bottle sticking out from the roots. Curious, as children often are, they went over and dug out the bottle.

In this bottle was a paper, yellowed with age, which contained a list of fourth grade students.

One of the names on the list was Amy Aitken, otherwise known as Amy Tooms, a sixth grade language arts and science teacher at EMMS. "It's really neat my name is on there, but I don't remember it," said Tooms.

It is believed the trees were planted at the time the bottle was buried. About five years ago, another bottle containing a list of children in second grade also dated in 1982 was found beneath one of the other trees. There are four trees.

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The two students who found the bottle were David Workman and Nicholas Wehr. These two friends are in second grade. They were just two typical children playing and having fun when they discovered this little piece of New Concord history.

"I went over to the tree and saw it and Nick helped me get it out," said Workman.

We know Tooms is now a teacher in this school district. So what do the second graders who discovered this list want to be when they grow up?

Workman would like to be a mechanic and his favorite subject is reading. Wehr likes the idea of becoming a dentist and enjoys physical education. They both agree that riding on bikes is the most fun "toy" there is available today, whether it be a regular bike or a four wheeler.

As these second graders will tell, you, it's fun to discover buried treasure and to think a little about the past. We who are older realize the present and the past are not so different from each other. And whether it be today or 28 years ago, all children enjoy just having fun outside.

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