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Jess Carder Jon Jee Staff Biology and Anatomy

Published: December 4, 2010 11:01 PM

Jess CarderJon Jee StaffBiology and Anatomy teacher Jeff Ryan has been assisted by student teacher Tommy Malot since September. This is Malot's first teaching experience.Malot is majoring in Biology at Muskingum and plans to graduate in December. Along with his biology major he has a minor in Spanish. In the last few years he has developed and interest in in physics though, and he is thinking about adding that subject to his future.Malot stresses how much he is thankful for John Glenn to be hisfirst school to gain teaching experience. He feels the students and staff are very welcoming. Malot is also happy the students have not given him problems "so far" in the classroom. He feels comfortable teaching in front of John Glenn students. He has enjoyed getting to know everyone in the school and hopes to find a job someday with the same type of atmosphere as John Glenn.Malot feels he is developing and working with various teaching methods to see which methods work best with the students. He said "I know that I will never have a fully developed teaching method. If I ever feel like I have accomplished this, then I am obviously inadequate as a teacher. I will always be looking for ways to improve and will have to adjust as the students change." Malot was influenced by his high school biology teacher to become a teacher. His teacher, Mrs. McClarren, had a lot of fun teaching and gave each of her students an opportunity to teach the class. Malot had a blast with the assignment and began to realize he could use his knowledge and enthusiasm to help others learn and enjoy science. Malot hopes to influence students and make an impact on their lives as his high school biology teacher made on him.Ryan is very positive about Malott. Ryan feels he has really done a great job with setting clear learning targets and havinghigh expectations. "Mr. Malot has worked more ondeliberately connecting the content to real life applications to which a student can relate." Ryan said students often ask the question "Why do we need to know this for life?" Malott understands and is working to make the content relevant to their lives which sparks the students to want to learn.

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