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Katie Bennett Jon Jee Business Manager During this

Published: December 4, 2010 11:01 PM

Katie BennettJon Jee Business ManagerDuring this past six weeks, the music department has had the good fortune of being given a music major from Ohio Valley University. This gift, Kaci Milleson, is continuing her music studies under her dad, Greg Milleson. The hours spent as a student teacher will earn her a teaching certificate. Milleson attended Rochester University for her freshman year studying music education. She later transferred during her sophomore year to Ohio Valley University and changed her major to just music. Milleson chose to study music because she never thought about doing anything else when she was growing up. She says she is "content and happy when learning, presenting and/or teaching music." She also said music was the only thing she could see herself doing and staying pleased with for an extended amount of time. During high school, Milleson was very involved with the music programs offered at John Glenn. She was involved in Symphonic Choir and JG Company and she participated in marching band and concert band. Milleson was also involved in student council, her church youth group, summer fast pitch and camp volleyball. One aspect of Milleson's student teaching experience brings a very unique and interesting aspect, she is now studying under her dad. "It has been a blessing working with Dad. I know that I am there to have his back and take over when it's needed. He treats me like any other student teacher and gives me the 'real deal' of what it will be like. It is a little more pressure because I want people to know I am good at what I do, not because of who my dad is." Milleson also sees it as a surreal experience from the transfer of sitting where the John Glenn High School Choir students are now to where she is. "It's funny to see him in action as I take notes of how I would do some things differently. And I finally understand why he gets so stressed and why he should be more appreciated." Milleson has already had some opportunities to teach the different levels and runs her class differently than her dad. "She does a lot of warm ups which really help and I think she's doing a good job," says senior Brittany Wilson. Although Milleson enjoys working with the high school students and assisting them as they are dealing with their transition phase, the students she really enjoys teaching are in the younger grades, such as sixth graders. Because the younger students, she says, are more eager to learn. Although she finds teaching to be a great joy, there are some downfalls to it as well. "The negativity from students and parents has been frustrating. And, unnecessary singing in between songs and lazy singing during the songs along with working with students who don't care has been a challenge." Not all of her students have a less than caring attitude toward music. Milleson has begun offering voice lessons for any interested and those who have participated have found them to be a great deal of help. "I don't work on reading music because I already know how to, but we work on how to use my voice, and I'm learning how to balance between my head and chest voice. I really like working with her and I'm a lot more confident with my voice since I've started," said freshman Kelly Beazel. After Milleson graduates, she plans on finding a job as soon as possible. She is also looking to establish a studio for voice. She is looking for a private teaching position, but for the time being, she is going to continue to grace the John Glenn Choir with her presence.

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