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Taylor Williams & Kelsey Schied Jon Jee Apprentices

Published: December 4, 2010 11:01 PM

Taylor Williams & Kelsey SchiedJon Jee Apprentices"And that day the Grinch's heart grew three sizes." The Grinch's heart may have taken awhile to grow, but when it comes to Anna Scheid her heart has never stopped. Being a leader for the Love Fund every year takes a special place in her heart.The Love Fund, created by New Concord resident Scheid, allows people in the community to get a child's name and a card which indicates that child's Christmas wish list.Each card is handed out and then gifts are bought for each child by a volunteer. The gifts are then delivered to the families so each child so they have something to open on Christmas that they may not have had.But Scheid doesn't stop at giving out the cards. There are gifts to be purchased, to be picked up, wrapped and delivered. Scheid takes Christmas into her own hands every year and becomes a modern day Santa for the less privileged kids today through the Love Fund.Beginning in August 1980, Scheid got the idea to start the Love fund because she wanted to buy a computer for a blind boy. To raise the money she collected pop cans in the community. Ever since then she has been working with churches, Big Brothers Big Sisters and individuals in the community to make Christmas happen for area kids every year.With the economy being the way it is, people are pushing to save every extra penny, but that hasn't stopped Scheid. "We are helping about 200 families. We have 485 kids to buy for right now, but it may reach 500 soon," Scheid said.Five hundred kids may seem like a lot of children that the fund helps. The Love Fund differs from other organizations in that the children are not just ones that live in shelters. The Love Fund reaches further than that and helps families that can make ends meet but aren't able to pull enough extra money to provide their kids with the Christmas they would like them to have.Although she takes on a lot of work and a lot of stress, she isn't the only one who makes the Love fund run as smoothly as it does. "We have about 20 churches helping this year, and people in the community help out," Scheid said.This modern day Santa Claus doesn't take all the spotlight given to the Love Fund, saying God is in charge of the whole thing. "He has always provided so the children can be taken care of," Scheid said.A selfless act goes a long way and touches the lives of many people, not just the ones receiving the help. Everyone involved in the Love Fund is helping someone else make memories for their children.For more information about the Love Fund, please contact:Anna Scheid at 740-826-4872 or Kathy Branham at 740-674-5106.It's not too late to make donations. The deadline for donating presents or monetary donations is Dec. 12. Contact Scheid or deliver to Cornerstone Full Gospel Church in Duncan Falls.

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