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Chloe Spillman & Zach Krack Jon Jee Apprentices

Published: January 15, 2011 11:00 PM

Chloe Spillman & Zach KrackJon Jee ApprenticesElectronics haven't been around for a long time. Color television was made available in the 1960s, computers were revolutionized by Apple in the 80s, the Internet came in the 90s and so on until we arrived at 2011 where all televisions must be in HD and flat screens.Comparing modern technology with the past versions shows complete changes in innovation, design, engineering and capabilities. With all the improvements, it makes it easier to own and operate these current contraptions.All of us have some kind of gadget or game, whether it's a cellphone, Xbox or computer. But are electronics really important to JGHS students, or simply a want, instead of a need?Some could call games an important part of their weekend or after-school life, while other opinions could just say that the game is just there and does not impact them at all. "All I think of is Nerds," says sophomore Paul Honkus, "and Call of Duty.""I don't really play [that often]," says freshman Andy Parsons. "That's really just because of all my sports and schoolwork."Other students have similar thoughts. There just aren't enough hours in the day to sit down and play a game.An alternative to "traditional" game playing could be games on your cellphone. Although most students answered "little to no hours a week watching TV, playing games or the importance of games in their lives," almost every student who has a cellphone could say that at one time or another they couldn't live without their cellphones. Texting could have replaced some of the game craze, but also with computers, the web and e-mail alongside with ti.Even though the terms and technology might change, some opinions may or might not change. However, gaming will be around in all different ways to come, regardless of judgment.

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