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Haley Crawford & Erika Edgerly Jon Jee Apprentices

Published: January 15, 2011 11:00 PM

Haley Crawford & Erika EdgerlyJon Jee ApprenticesAfter 30 years as an educator, principal Frank Gregory is now retiring. Gregory spent 18 of those 30 years at JGHS, three years as athletic director, three years as assistant principal and 12 years as principal at John Glenn.Gregory also was a classroom teacher and coach. Early in his career he knew that this was a good choice for a career. "I quickly learned that the teaching profession was one that you could make a difference and have a positive impact on young people," said Gregory.Gregory has made an impact on many young people. His style is something that many seem to enjoy. "He makes school feel less like a jail and makes it where it's comfortable and things aren't as strict," said junior Kayla Hammer.He has made an impact on staff members as well. "Sometimes I think he's in awe of what the different classroom teachers do. He knows how hard it is in the classroom and I've always had the feeling that he cares about his staff. He makes it fun," said English and publications teacher Mary Ann DeVolld.While many people look forward to retirement, it can also be bittersweet. Gregory says he's going to miss many things about John Glenn High School, but one thing he says he will not miss is "the countless meeting where you talk about an issue for hours and come to no conclusion," he said.Still Gregory will have more positive things to remember than the negative. "There are many memories that it's impossible to name just a couple, but my favorite is having my daughters here with me," said Gregory.Frank Gregory was definitely passionate about his job. "As principal, compared to being the assistant, you get to experience more positives in the acheivements of students and staff," said Gregory.John Glenn High School has affected principal Frank Gregory's life showing both ups and downs during his 18 years of being at the school. "I have not always made the right decision and have made mistakes along the way, but I have tried to use those experiences to become better at my job," said Gregory.One thing Gregory has tried to teach students at JGHS is, "no one can take your education away." This is a lesson that his mother first taught him, and this thought has inspired him ever since.Gregory's retirement future is still undetermined. "As of right now I have no plans. I still plan on working, but as far as what I am going to do, it's up in the air," he said.No matter what Frank Gregory does, students wish him luck and appreciate what he has done for both them and the school.

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