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Katie Shanahan & Abby Neff Jon Jee Apprentices

Published: January 15, 2011 11:01 PM

Katie Shanahan & Abby NeffJon Jee ApprenticesWhat are phobias? Some say it's just a fear, but others will say it's life or death. Phobias are intense, abnormal or illogical fears of specified things. Some of these phobias are minor parts of life, but to some, it can be a major fear that never goes away and can be life changing.Phobias range from being scared of the dark to being deathly afraid of snakes or spiders. But for senior Jenna Garretson, her phobia is Halloween masks. "I don't like Halloween anymore; I avoid the costume sections in stores as much as possible. I try not to attend any Halloween parties or haunted houses," said Garretson.They call the fear of Halloween "samhainophobia."A more common phobia is called "entomophobia" which is the fear of insects. For most people it's spiders, but for freshman Haley Crawford, it's all about the ladybugs. "When a ladybug is near me, I panic and scream because they always seem to fly on my arms!" said Crawford.Freshman Macy Kempke took our survey and she explained, "My fear is heights, or just falling from a point that is taller than me. It's the reason I like being short!"To sophomore Colton West, spiders are his fear. This is a very common phobia, and over half of the people we asked admitted it. "I had one crawling on my arm and I screamed like a little girl," said West.Many people responded to our survey questions but didn't feel comfortable having them mentioned in the newspaper. Many people have phobias but are too embarrassed or don't like people knowing about their fears.It is okay to have a fear, but just don't let your fear get out of control.

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