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Kirstyn Podojak & Tracy Lyons Jon Jee Apprentices

Published: January 15, 2011 11:01 PM

Kirstyn Podojak & Tracy LyonsJon Jee ApprenticesEveryone's probably had an embarrassing moment in his or her life. Students at John Glenn High School decided to share some of theirs.Andrea Mora, sophomore exchange student, was walking out of her school when she was five, when a little boy came up and kissed her on the lips, "right in front of my mother," Mora said.The day freshman Tori Fraunfelter decided to wear a skirt is a day she'll never forget. She was walking out of the girls' restroom, not realizing her skirt was tucked into her underwear. It wasn't long until someone realized it and told her, but they announced it "in front of everyone. It was really embarrassing."Senior David Burch was in Advanced Conditioning when he decided to do a handstand flip. Instead of landing on his feet, his left shoulder gave up sending him face first to the floor with the whole room watching. Burch managed to get up and laugh it off.Many moments involve falling. A sophomore, who wished to remain anonymous, came to school and went into the bathroom. Not realizing that the janitors had cleaned the night before and left the toilet seats up, she went to sit down and fell into the toilet.Freshman Andy Parsons was walking across the cafeteria in the middle school and tripped sending his food flying and himself on the ground.Students aren't the only ones with embarrassing moments to share; teachers have some too. It was business teacher Sue Messino's first year teaching and a parent walked into her room. The parent said she was looking for Miss Forfia (Messino's maiden name). Messino replied, "I'm Miss Forfia."The woman laughed and asked again for Miss Forfia again. Messino replied again.Frustrated, the woman went to get the principal saying, "There's a little girl down here that won't tell me where Miss Forfia is." Arriving at the room the principal started laughing and told her, "This is Miss Forfia." The woman had nothing to say to this.Most people like to hear about embarrassing stories, but usually don't like it when it happens to them.

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