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Kayla Campbell Jon Jee Apprentice Music is referred

Published: January 29, 2011 11:00 PM

Kayla CampbellJon Jee ApprenticeMusic is referred to as the universal language. No matter the culture or people, music can be a connection.I hear music everywhere I go, whether it's in my head, or in the tempo someone walks. I've loved music ever since I was little. When I was tired, I would practically sing myself to sleep. Even now when I'm tired, I find myself singing the same lines to a song over and over again.Music to me is my release, the one thing where I can black everything out, and focus on the sound of my piano and the way my fingers feel on the keys.Many students here at JGHS share my love. "I like alternative rock or classic rock," said sophomore Megan Vanhorn. "Music is your emotions being put out for the world to hear without saying a word," Vanhorn continued."My favorite genre is barber shop. I'm a music junkie," said senior Bryce Love.Other students commented on how music has touched their lives. "Music has impacted me in every way imaginable," said junior Danny Hixson. "Music is everything to me," Hixson said."Basically everything I do has to do with music. I couldn't live without it," freshman Becky Downing said. Some students also say that they want to pursue music as a career. "I think it would be a lot of fun to work with music," said sophomore Micaela Fields."I would probably want to minor in music in college. It will absolutely be involved in my life," said freshman Megan Sindeldecker."I want to pursue music education," said Love. Numerous students could come from a musical family. "My dad is a guitar extraordinaire. Basically everyone can sing and play an instrument," said Downing. "My mother is a music teacher at West Muskingum. My grandmother is very proficient at piano, and my uncle Scott was in Glenn Tones," Hixson said, referring to the formerly titled singing group here at John Glenn.Students have many different favorite artists and singer/songwriters. "I love Sugarland because their songs are about life and love," said sophomore Troy Neptune."I really like the band Super Chick. Their songs speak to me and they're really good," said Fields."I absolutely love the Beatles. I think they're the most influential artists of all time. Their lyrics are genius. You can read it like poetry. Their music is something that sticks with you," said Downing. Various students also write their own music. "I write compositions of different varieties," said Hixson.I don't really write lyrics. I do write poetry though," said Neptune."I've tried writing music, I've just never finished the songs," said Sindeldecker.It is obvious that music is truly a love for all of these students mentioned, and countless others. It's clear that music motivates them and plays a large part in their lives.

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