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Cheer clinic held by cheerleaders

Jess Carder / Jon Jee Published: February 9, 2011 5:02 AM


At first the youngest girls are shy but after a bit of warming up to the cheerleaders they become comfortable and quite playful, to the point when older cheerleaders have to chase some of them down to get them to practice. 

This mixture of little girls and cheerleaders is the annual cheer clinic for the Mini Muskies which took place at the high school on Jan. 26. 

This clinic is when the high school cheerleaders teach a couple of cheers and a dance to the younger girls. The girls age from four to 12 giving them a taste of being a cheerleader and the chance to be in the limelight on a high school game night.

The classic games the cheerleaders play with the future Muskie cheerleaders are “Little Sally Walker.” 

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Little Sally Walker is when all the girls form a big circle and pretty much show off their talents to the rest of the cheerleaders while singing a song. “Little Sally Walker is my favorite game. I try to get my siblings to play with me at home but they’re all boys,” said fourth grader Gloria Boyd.

The cheer clinic is not only an opportunity to introduce cheerleading to young children but also a great fundraiser for the high school cheerleaders. 

This year 92 girls came. They learned chants, cheers,  motions, and a 45-second dance routine. They also received a T-shirt, which they wore for their performance on Friday night, and on the night of the clinic they enjoyed a snack. 

Not only do the Mini Muskies enjoy looking up to the “bigcheerleaders,” but the cheerleaders love spending time teaching them as well. “Over the years I’ve done many cheer clinics and sometimes it is a bit stressful, but to think this year was my last one I’m actually going to really miss teaching cheers and dances. The girls are so enjoyable!" said senior Sarah Duncan. 

About two thirds of the current cheerleaders attended this cheer clinic when they were younger. At the end of the clinic many of the Mini Muskies were getting pictures with the older cheerleaders.

Not all the girls dream of becoming cheerleaders, but at least for two days they enjoyed the spotlight. "I want to become an astronomer and a biologist because I’ve heard there is life on Mars," said seven-and-a-half year old Molly [Our apologies for not knowing her last name].  Who knows, maybe she'll be a high school cheerleader as well.


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