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According to www.bromances.info, a bromance is "a term

Published: February 12, 2011 11:00 PM

According to www.bromances.info, a bromance is "a term used to define a close friendship between two men that is not sexual. There is a genuine love between men which is mutual and reciprocated that matures over time. A bromance is a passionate friendship between two men that has all the earmarks of a marriage without the sexual component."That said, we at the Jon Jee have noticed some male friendships here at JGHS, and we asked some of them "What romantic advice would you give to the person you're in a 'bromance' with?""Keep your bromance committed. Don't just run around with a bunch of other bros. Nothing's more devastating than seeing two bros split up, due to an unfaithful bromance," said junior Nic Alesandrini."To go out of your way to talk to people more and get out of the house," said junior Jaron Johnson."I have no romantic advice to give," said junior Collin Thomas."Well, he's got a girlfriend in California, so he must be doing pretty good. Just don't cut the hair," said junior Daniel Hixson."Having a place reserved in the Hixsonmobile is always nice, just try not to run out of gas," said junior Aaron Laube."A nice bouquet of flowers wouldn't hurt every now and then," said senior Bryce Love."I wouldn't say no to dinner and a movie," said senior Cole Coulter.Because of a water line break and no school on Tuesday, we were unable to get a response from seniors Jake Heagen and Tyler Bosson. We do know that they are willing to dress up for homecoming spirit days, which is when this picture was taken. The bromance that dresses up together... well, maybe.

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