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Demi Nicolozakes Jon Jee What'cha gonna do with

Published: February 12, 2011 11:00 PM

Demi NicolozakesJon JeeWhat'cha gonna do with 36 cents sticky with coke on your floorboard when you walk into class and see a box that says Pennies for Patients? Do you walk on over toss and the change, or do you tell yourself you're just a fool? "Pennies for Patients is a fundraiser for the treatment of kids with leukemia and lymphoma which are types of cancer," said key club adviser Heather Barclay.Leukemia and lymphoma are both blood cancers mostly found in people under the age of 20. In the United States alone more than 53,000 people die per year from leukemia and lymphoma, but with the help from Pennies for Patients that number can be decreased greatly. "Last year we raised around $1,000 and this year we hope to raise at least $2,000 which is definitely within our reach," said Barclay."Pennies for Patients is a good program because we are helping the leukemia and lymphoma society which provides assistance to patients and their families and also doing research to prevent those diseases," said Key Club President Michelle Horner. Too many people know the feeling of losing someone to cancer, but imagine if you had the power to save someone. It's possible to donate as little as 36 cents and make a huge impact. "I think someone can donate as little as they want because every penny counts," said junior Lundy Lowry.Every year the Key Club puts on many fundraisers to help Pennies for Patients like the Snowball dance and carnation sales, and now it's your turn. Pennies for Patients started Feb. 7 and ends March 4. There is even a competition among several teachers and their first period classes. Students just need to look for the Pennies for Patients donation boxes to help make a difference.So get on your marks, get set, and DONATE!

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