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Katie Shanahan Jon Jee When I think of

Published: February 12, 2011 11:01 PM

Katie ShanahanJon JeeWhen I think of relationships, the first thing that comes to mind is happiness, but I never sat around and thought about what the ending is like. From my perspective boys just think of a relationship as a girl to call theirs, someone they can show off, but remember this is strictly my impression.Relationships are great... don't get me wrong, but I feel that people should just stick to their friends and focus on the fun and uplifting parts of high school. The football games, the basketball games and all of the dances. Those are the things we should remember about high school, not "that one break-up."I might sound like I am putting down relationships, but I am not. Having a girlfriend or a boyfriend is great, and if people are happy that is all that matters, but every beginning has an end.The beginning is the best; one person starts to get that little feeling in the pit of his or her stomach as though there are a million butterflies fluttering around in there. The middle is the time where the couple really starts to get comfortable, and maybe begins to "love" that person. The end is the worst; it's the other feeling in the stomach as though getting punched in the gut.Some say it's the middle that counts, but when it comes to the end, it is so hard."To me the beginning is the best part of a relationship; it's when you just get that smile on your face every time you think about that one special person,' says freshman Tori Fraunfelter.As I said, relationships are great, and if it's possible to find that "one in a million" person that makes someone happy, then I am happy for that amazing find, and we need that hope that there is a "soul mate" for everyone.For everyone else though, the advice I give is, "As long as you're happy, no one can tell you you're not; as long as you're happy with yourself and who you are, nothing, and I mean nothing else matters."All that said, it's apparent that there are couples hear at JGHS who like to spend their time together just hanging out. To sophomore Katie Sturtz and senior Bo Bednarczuk, they like to "play games, take pictures, pick on each other...as long as we are laughing and smiling and having fun."A freshman couple, who would like to remain anonymous, say the things they do for fun are "go out to eat, movies and just hang out."Juniors Matt Rice and Brittany Taylor spend time together at school, but on weekends they "do things with our families or go to dinner and a movie," said Taylor.As Valentine's Day gets closer, couples are probably wondering what kinds of gifts they should get for each other. Both Rice and Taylor said they like surprises, "but not real expensive," said Rice.Apparently, they both have planned their gifts for this year, but if we told you what they are neither one of them will be surprised.Most couples say they prefer the traditional Valentine's Day gifts like flowers and chocolates and even teddy bears, but it depends on the person.This weekend, and even Monday, will be a time at JGHS where couples will be exchanging cards and gifts. Those of us who don't have someone to give us a romantic gift might just have to settle for a Key Club flower, or maybe just a "Happy Valentine's Day" from a good friend.

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