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Demi Nicolozakes Jon Jee Many students see snow

Published: February 19, 2011 11:00 PM

Demi NicolozakesJon JeeMany students see snow days as a good thing; after all, it is a break in the middle of the week. Who wouldn't take that as a good thing? "I think snow days can be a good thing because you don't have to get up early and you can do the homework you didn't do and have extra time to study," says junior Lundy Lowry. "Usually on snow days I sleep, study and work out," said senior Jess Carder.While three feet of snow sounds fun to go sledding in, a lot of times too many snow days is bad. In the past schools were granted five calamity days, but this year we're only granted three and we've had seven. That's four days to make up. This means Presidents' Day, part of spring break and two days at the end of the year have been scheduled as make-up days. "I think a bad thing about snow days would be the more we use, the more we make up in the summer. Most of the time snow days are boring because no one is able to do anything," says sophomore Samantha Read. "I like snow days because that means No School!" said sophomore Aubrey Hoyt."I think a good thing is there's nothing to do all day but, I think a bad thing is there's nothing to do all day," says junior Paige Sears.Some athletes still have to come in for practice. "Usually we have practice unless the snow is really bad. We have a phone tree for the whole team," said junior Kathleen Luburgh. "I think a good thing about snow days is you get more sleep and have all day to do whatever, but something bad is you can't go anywhere and we usually have practice or a game," said sophomore Lauren Dolick. Either way you look at it summer is still a while away, but snow days can affect how far. This grading period was supposed to end Feb. 25, but is now to end on March 2, that is unless there are more snow days.

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