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Sara Strauss Jon Jee Everybody loves to eat,

Published: February 19, 2011 11:02 PM

Sara StraussJon JeeEverybody loves to eat, so why not learn how to cook? Food is universal for every living thing, but not all living things get the chance to become better cooks when it comes to their own favorite foods. If one would take the Healthy & Safe Foods/Creative Foods class from Gail Bell, they could not only make food, but enjoy it. When filling up their schedule each year, many students want to take a variety of electives. Many students turn to the Healthy & Safe Foods/Creative Foods Class when it comes to electives.Foods Class is a hands-on class that helps students learn how to make meals. These kinds of teachings are ones that a student can't angrily say, "How will I ever use this when I get out of high school?" Many Foods students would vouch that they've learned a lot from taking Healthy & Safe Foods/Creative Foods Class. For her 18th birthday, senior Katelyn Leach during last semester's Healthy & Safe Foods/Creative Foods class used her final, a Cookie Monster cake and a Stromboli recipe, for a birthday supper, both of which she learned how to make in her class. Leach says, "I loved Foods class. I got a lot of recipes I can use later on out of it, and I had a fun time with the other students."Around Christmas time, all the students make gingerbread houses and show off their talents while doing so. Some of the houses are real works of art. The same goes for the students' cakes for their finals. Just like Leach.The most uncertain thing for many students looking at which electives to take is what they will have to do when they go into that class the first day of their assigned semester. And when looking for someone to ask who has it the semester before, or even the year before, many students don't know who to turn to unless they hear about past students through the grape vine. Others who sign up for Bell's Foods class are signing up because of everything they have heard from their older siblings or friends who have taken the class. Many have already had a good impression on the class. Also, every year, Bell schedules a field trip for any of her students who wish to go. Every spring Bell takes her students to the Amish Country.Many students have great expectations before starting a class. Many are excited while others aren't as thrilled. Senior Olivia Warren had some trepidation about learning to cook, but hopes the class will be helpful. "Learning how to cook without burning things. That way, in college, I can make my own meals," said Warren.So, when looking for a good, useful elective for any kind of student, Healthy & Safe Foods/Creative Foods class is a good one to choose. So when thinking about what to sign up for, students should seriously consider Healthy & Safe Foods/Creative Foods if they have the time and room for it. Who knows, any student could be the next Emeril!

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