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Katie Bennett Jon Jee Well, we've reached the

Published: March 5, 2011 11:00 PM

Katie BennettJon Jee Well, we've reached the point where it is now acceptable to start counting down 'till the end. (There are 77 days until graduation, 81 days until last day for everyone else as of Friday, March 5, 2011) By this point, everyone is sick of school and looking forward to summer vacation. With the random bout of warm weather, everyone was happily thinking spring. Until the cold season came back with a vengeance sending us snow and ice as a form of punishment for actually thinking of spring this early in the season. We even had another snow day to add salt to injury. Before that, we had a water line break and got sent home early. But no one was complaining about that one. We don't have to make up two hour delays or early dismissals. Which makes me wonder why we don't have more of them. There's snow on the ground? Two hour delay. It starts snowing (or raining for that matter) in the middle of the school day? Send them home. So the FFA got a pig and principal Steve Brooks, agreed that if each of the lunches made $200, he would kiss the pig. But FFA didn't take into account the horrible economy, so they raised $200 between all of the lunches. Since Brooks was a good sport, he still kissed the pig during the 6th period lunch. But some people felt so bad for that poor pig, not because he was being kissed by Brooks (though that might have been part of it for some people), but because it was so hot and scared because people didn't give it space to breathe. Then it somehow escaped. But don't worry; they caught it and it's safe.Just like they caught the 'gator that escaped. Yes, you read that right. The 'gator escaped. No one knows how it got out, but they eventually found it under the table I said they should look under but no one did until later. And then it turned out I was right. As usual. Speaking of my being right and alligators, Becky Downing got a "I" at Solo and Ensemble. Downing plays viola. "I practiced a lot in the week beforehand and a ton the day before Solo and Ensemble because I was so nervous," she said. (Her song had nothing to do with alligators; I just wanted to congratulate her and it seemed like a good place to put that in my column.)All the music contests are fast approaching and making the directors nervous. The orchestra's contest is already over. And they received a "II." Choir contest is coming up at some point, and I really should know the date being a choir member, but I don't. We've gotten papers, and director Greg Milleson keeps reminding us and everything, but the date just isn't sticking. Sorry, Milly!On the Friday before orchestra contest, the Band Sounding Board came to the orchestra room and wished us all good luck at contest. As an orchestra member, I was really touched. I really want to have the Orchestra Sounding Board to do the same, but then it would seem like we had to because they did. So I think they should all get RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) Attacks because what they did was really sweet. So whoever provides the RAK Attack slips should give them all one.The Algebra II class started word problems and everyone failed miserably. As they do every year. And much like I did.The John Glenn High School Swim Team also did a memorable thing and beat several school records because they are so freaking awesome like that. I'm not sure how Algebra's word problems got segued into swim team with the word "memorable," but it did. Accept it.The girls' soccer team not only managed to play soccer, but also do it while balancing a book on their heads. But not literally. As a team, they received the Team Academic Award (which was only announced recently). This basically means they all got a 3.0 GPA or higher. Their average was about a 3.4. Teachers can't complain now about those girls not doing schoolwork in favor of practice.The boys' basketball team was made Co-MVL champs because they, much like the swim team, are freakin' sweet (or sweat 'cause they do that). Speaking of being super awesome/sweet, the West Side Story cast created an Event on Facebook. Look it up and click "Attend." They're working their butts off, so you should. The parking lot continues to get more crowded as the juniors and some sophomores are getting their licenses and they're taking up all the spots! It's really irritating too for the people who get to school right before the bell rings because then you have to park way out in the middle of nowhere. Parking should be arranged based on grade: seniors get the front/good spots, juniors park in the middle/the acceptable places, and the sophomores park in the middle of nowhere. THAT'S how it should be.Seniors started worrying about the FAFSA and most have figured out where they want to go. What their major is? No idea because even if they are like "I'm going to be a doctor!" they aren't necessarily because they're probably going to change their minds part way through med. school. 'Cause from what I've heard, med. school is kind of hard. Juniors have started planning prom and trying to fund it. I would mention the prom theme and how awesome it can be if they can fund it, but my junior buddies would almost literally (but not literally) kill me. So I won't for my sake. But I'm kind of mad about it 'cause I'm going to be singing this super annoying song the entire night.The sophomores have OGTs to worry about next month. Then we'll never talk about them again because they aren't worth mentioning other than when dealing with OGTs. But don't worry, next year they'll be juniors and we'll talk about them again."Freshmen don't really have a lot going on, do they?" said senior Sara Strauss. You know what irritates me? Well, other than freshmen. During the summer, I'm going to look forward to school even though I know that there will be a point that is happening right now where I can't wait to get out of school. Do you know what I mean? Well, maybe not. But for right now, all I can think about is: 77 days, 77 days, 77days.

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