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Brittany Taylor Jon Jee If you hear students

Published: April 17, 2011 12:00 AM

Brittany TaylorJon JeeIf you hear students around school saying "eh" or "blue knight," there is an explanation. It was no April Fool's joke, the band and orchestra were in Canada April 1-3. A lot of work goes into planning a trip for school events. "We started planning during last school year, and we work with the travel company on every detail of the trip," said orchestra teacher Dawnelle Graham. The Canada bound travelers left late March 31 on buses that were not entirely made for sleeping, but they made it. "I slept most of the ride. I experienced neck pain from awkward sleeping positions," said junior Alex Klass. Once they got there they all went up the C.N. Tower which gave them a view of Toronto from up above. Then once their feet were on the ground again, they went into the Roger Center where they learned about the sports field that can be transformed into basically any stadium that you could ever wish for. The stadium's roof is made of four panels that open for a huge skylight during games under special conditions.This trip was a very educational trip, along with fun. As they drove around they saw many people walking and riding bikes, but to their surprise it is a very clean city. "I was amazed at how clean the city was," said sophomore Amber Luczak. The first night was a time for fun even though all the students were exhausted. Most of the students and even some parents danced the night away on a DJ/ dinner dance cruise. At first they were not quite sure what to do, but once people started getting others to dance, that's when the party began. "My favorite part about the trip was the dinner/dance cruise, even though it started out kind of slow, it ended up being pretty fun," said junior Logan Fitzgerald. "I have been to Canada six or seven times and the cruise was my favorite part because it was new and I enjoyed seeing the students experience it for the first time," said band director Paul Hudson. The next day they were packed with more knowledge and gained their new vocabulary word "eh." As they drove around Toronto they learned facts about Toronto and saw many skyscrapers. Some of their stops included Ontario Science Center and the Royal Ontario Museum. "My favorite part was the Royal Ontario Museum. Everything there was so cool," said junior Hope Gordon. That night the band and orchestra separated. The orchestra got the chance to see the world renowned Toronto Symphony Orchestra. "The Toronto Symphony has a wonderful guest conductor who enthusiastically explained a symphony as they performed it. It was entertaining and educational at the same time," said Graham.The band went to have dinner and watch the Medieval Times Tournament; this is where they picked up "blue knight." They had a huge dinner (half a chicken if that explains anything) and got to cheer on their chosen knight in blue "armor" fight, but sadly he lost. "My favorite part was by far Medieval Times. BLUE BLUE BLUE BLUE," said junior Chris Cocca.During their last day in Canada they made a stop at Casa Loma which is the former home of Canadian financier Sir. Henry Pellatt. They got to see how the rich people used to live which meant having servants, living in a $3.5 million castle. That amazed some students.After seeing the castle, where they could again see Toronto from above, they left for Niagara Falls. "I am always happy to go see Niagara Falls. People say it is just water but it is so much more. It was my fourth time there, and I am always amazed at its beauty," said Cocca. After they saw the Falls, they made their way back to the states. For some this was a sad trip. "This trip was special for me, because it was my last trip with my band friends," said senior Katie Starkey. This seemed to be a very enjoyable trip and had a variety of activities to make it enjoyable for hopefully everyone. "It was a fun and interesting trip, and the students were good representatives of John Glenn High School," said Graham."I was very pleased with the students' behavior which made it enjoyable for all of us," said Hudson."Canada was a really nice place and I got to hear a lot of people say 'eh.' The city was very nice and had a lot of cool stores. I don't think I would mind going back, I actually kind of do want to go back. It was a very nice city," said Gordon.It seemed to be an enjoyable trip and they seemed to have learned a lot about Canada and that's no joke.

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