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What makes a good relationship?

Katie Shanahan Jon Jee Staff Published: February 14, 2012 7:25 AM

When I asked my fellow classmates questions about relationships and what they think makes a good relationship; I got many of the same answers. A good relationship is being able to trust each other and just have fun together. said junior Collin Babcock. A good relationship has to have a high trust level, said freshman Kerrie Dolick. As you can see trust is something that seems to be looked for in every relationship, but is that the only thing that makes a good relationship?

Freshman to seniors, nothing really changes in the relationship. Maybe people just become a little more mature or ready for something with time. Whether you are a freshman or a senior, or anything in between, good relationships do take trust and two people being able to have fun together. A good relationship is just getting along and making each other laugh and have fun, said sophomore Parker Evans.

Good relationships dont just happen though; they take time and sometimes you have to even go through a few fights to make it last, but sometimes you just need to be best friends. I think our [Morgan Feeney and Heath Dodson] relationship works so well because we are best friends, said senior Morgan Feeney. Were just comfortable with each other.

Every good relationship has its up and downs. No matter how perfect you think your relationship is, there is always room for improvement. For some, fixing fights is hard, but for others its just second nature. We [Brad and Heather Barclay] fix fights by just talking them out, said science teacher Brad Barclay. Or we just let them go.

Communication is key in many relationships. If you and your partner cant communicate, your relationship isnt all its cracked up to be. You and your girlfriend or boyfriend, need to be able to sit down and talk things out and be on the same page or you wont be able to see eye to eye.

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Having fun and being you are things that are essential in a good relationship. Being able to just be the real you and be a goofball is something that everyone in a relationship should be able to experience. On our first date we [Collin Babcock and Morgan Morgan] went to the movies, said Babcock. I was driving and I missed the entrance to the theater. I was so embarrassed, but then we both just started laughing about it right away.

One of the last things a relationship needs is both people caring for each other. Whether its just random acts of kindness from time to time or telling the other how you really feel about them, everyone loves to have something nice done for them. He [Heath Dodson] never does anything nice for me; hes mean. Just kidding, said Feeney. One nice thing he does for me is almost every day he brings me breakfast.

Whether its the random acts of kindness, the communication, or just having fun together, every good relationship has its own way of working. Memories also have a way of upholding a relationship just simply because those are the things you really remember when times start to get rough. Once Heath and I were walking to my grandparents house from the lake by it, said Feeney, and Heath promised hed protect me, but as soon as I acted like there was a man coming to get us, he took off running and left me behind.

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