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Give to those who are less fortunate, and take nothing for granted

Demi Nicolozakes Jon jee Staff Published: February 27, 2012 10:44 AM

When we are grateful for what we have, more great things come to us. Its just the way it is. Giuliana Rancic, an E! News anchor whom was diagnosed with breast cancer, made this important point about appreciating what you have. While driving through life so fast, many dont take the time to pull over and smell the roses.

A lot of times we dont know what we have until its gone, like junior Carlie McCabe. On November 24, 2009, McCabe lost her cousin Beau in a car accident. My cousin was always making you smile, lightening the mood, so caring, so loving, he tried to comfort everyone, and he always made sure everyone felt like they fit in no matter who you were. He was two words helpful and loving, said McCabe.

By time people see what they have, it is often too late. I never realized how protecting Beau was when it came to me his younger cousin until he was gone, said McCabe.

Life can be full of give and takes. Give to those who are less fortunate and take nothing for granted. Time is precious and there is not enough of it. Blink once and your childhood is gone, blink twice and its time to go to college. A situation where I realized not to take anything for granted is when you lose a loved one, and realize that life is too short and we need to live every second because it can be taken away from you at any minute, said Junior Morgan Morgan. Wishing you could spend just one more day with those people and knowing you will never be able to is the hardest part.

When people are young, all they want is to be older, able to drive and live on their own. When that starts to happen, many find themselves asking where the time went. I feel like I rushed my childhood. I always wanted to drive and when I was really young I saw my sister with homework and thats what I wanted. Now I wonder What I was thinking? I wish I could go back to that age, said junior Samantha Read.

In todays society, many take their health for granted. When someone is healthy they often feel invincible. Often people dont pay attention to those who arent as lucky. Most people are born healthy, but there are many people who arent. Many children are diagnosed with cancer at a very early age and dont live past the age of five. With todays economy, many of the parents cant afford treatment, and they depend on fundraisers like Pennies for Patients for their kids to live.

For the past couple of weeks, Pennies for Patients boxes have been placed in classrooms for people to throw in their spare change. So far, Key Club and the Pride Periods have raised $250.00. The generosity of the student body in these past couple weeks has been great, but the fundraiser is not yet over, so dont take what you have for granted and keep giving.

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