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Aftermath of teen wrecks

Haley Crawford Jon jee staff Published: April 23, 2012 8:35 AM

How would you describe a teenage driver? People today have their own opinions on who they think cause the most car accidents. In reality, teenagers have the highest risks than any other age group.

According to car-accidents.com, teens all over America are involved in car accidents each year. The risk of being involved in a car accident is highest for drivers aged 16-19 than any other age group. Each year, 5,000 teens aged 16-20 die due to injuries caused from car accidents, and 4,000 are seriously injured.

Studies explain these startling statistics by suggesting that teenage drivers often tend to underestimate driving situations and cannot recognize them as well as older drivers with more experience.

Here at John Glenn High School, many teens have been involved in car accidents, and the majority of them have been caused by new drivers.

Junior Sarah Bosson was a victim of a car accident over the summer when she wrecked into a tree on her way to soccer practice. The first thing that came through my mind was my parents are going to kill me! said Bosson.

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Another incident occurred when sophomore Baileigh Shehadeh was leaving the parking lot after school. She looked down for just a second and hit the back of sophomore Ross Mathewss car. Shehadeh was one of the many young drivers at JGHS who recently had their first car accident. It was just like what the heck just happened? kind of feeling, and I was hoping I was dreaming it, said Shehadeh.

Being involved in a car accident can be one of the scariest things that can happen in life. When ones life is on the line, nothing else seems to matter.

Going through this horrifying experience, young teens learn from their mistakes and make changes to the way they drive today. After the wreck, I am now more careful and more aware of the things surrounding me, said sophomore Ross Mathews.

Baileigh Shehadeh took away one very important lesson from her harrowing experience. One thing I learned from this is to always wear my seat belt.

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