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Fabri-Form Company receives grant funding

Published: May 2, 2010 12:01 AM

NEW CONCORD -- The Fabri-Form Company recently received grant funding from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to help develop new cargo protection products.

Grant funds were sought to aid with the purchase of two Conair CGW Heavy Duty Granulators with hoppers and six new tools (production molds) to fabricate Paylode products for the company.

"The grant funds allow a new market to be developed, that of cargo protection product systems for rail, intermodal and truckload shipments," said Vice President and Chief Fiscal Officer William P. McCoach.

"The Paylode products eliminate customers' ongoing dunnage expenses because Paylode products can be continually reused."

Typically a customer's current dunnage parts are used once and disposed of. Paylode provides better protection, reducing or eliminating customer product damage, McCoach said.

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"Paylode enables customers to load their trailers, railcars and shipping containers more efficiently and more safely. And the products have a much lower carbon footprint."

Paylode products mean customers will no longer have to dispose of corrugated cardboard, non-recoverable plastic expansion products and wood and other construction materials.

"These projects represent a great boost for our environment and a highly efficient use of public dollars," ODNR Director Sean Logan said of all of the projects being funded around the state.

"They create jobs, attract and support new business and technology and reduce the strain on landfills."

The Fabri-Form project will provide a complete life-cycle closed-loop, with the same plastic always being reused.

Fabri-Form will buy recycled, high-density polyethylene plastic including obsolete or damaged Paylode products. These parts will then be ground in two, new granulators. The granulators are of necessary size to grind up these large parts.

The ground plastic will be run through sheet extruders in the Byesville plant. The sheets of plastic then will be fed into thermoformers to manufacture the Paylode products from the six new Paylode molds. This project will expand the marketplace for recycled HDPE in Ohio

"This project provides a financial incentive and cash payback (usually less than one year) to the customer that buys Paylode products," said McCoach.

"There is a resulting profit to the Fabri-Form Company with the increased new market sales volume. This project will also create new jobs in our Byesville manufacturing facility with an additional six employees needed to operate the grinders and 10 to 15 additional production employees to manufacture Paylode product. Two or more new sales personnel will also be hired."

The grant amount was for $162,855.40. The local match was the same amount, bringing the total project cost to $325,710.80.

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