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Equine Center puts on clinic

Lisa A. Bell / Special to The Leader Published: October 13, 2010 6:42 AM


NEW CONCORD — On Aug. 28, 29, 30 and 31, Reality Farms Equine Center in New Concord put on one awesome clinic! Jesse Peters is a licensed Parelli Professional instructor teaching natural horsemanship. I didn’t participate, some of us were there to watch and listen and others were there with their horses to reach the next level of learning on how to better communicate with their horse.  

Pat and Linda Parelli’s motto is “Setting your horse up for Success.” And they have made it their lifelong mission to do just that.  

Peters is an extraordinary person. He has always been around horses since he could remember, as a child he was involved in 4-H and put thousands of miles of trail riding onto his horses. But as he grew older he ended up walking away from showing horses because of what he saw in the traditional horse world and it was not what he wanted. He dreamed of something better but never thought it was possible.

The year 1999 was the beginning of realizing his dream was a possibility. He was offered his dream job teaching horsemanship in high school in Cincinnati. He realized while teaching this program that he needed to find a program that would help teach his students not just horsemanship safety but give them a strong horsemanship foundation.  

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So Peters took his mission to the Equine Affaire in Columbus in 2001 and found the Parelli Natural Horsemanship Clinic. I asked him, “What caught your attention at the Parelli Clinic?”  

As he answered my question I could see that he was going back to that moment in his mind and he softened and said, “It was their (Pat and Linda Parelli’s) relationship with their horses, it was peaceful. When the ropes came off the horses still wanted to be with them.”    

At the end of Pat Parelli’s presentation Peters raised his arms in the air to grab a T-shirt and ended up winning what was called the “Whole Enchilada” (Levels 1-3 and Parelli equipment). From there, he and his students became students of the Parelli home study program. He’s been a Parelli Professional since 2005.

So how do Pat and Linda Parelli set horses up for success? Pat said that all horses are perfect — it is we who need to change ourselves and fix ourselves. We are the ones who are making the mistakes. We need to change our approach to our horses and we need to learn to be more consistent.  

Here was another interesting way of approaching our horses when we are teaching them. Make the right things easy, the wrong things hard and not the wrong things wrong. 

Their approach is Play with Horses in 4 Savvy’s. What is that you ask?  

Online (and we’re not talking about on the computer.)

Liberty — line is off the horse and all that’s left is the truth.

Free-style riding — bridleless riding. 

Finesse — you and your horse are dancing-very fluid.

Something else that they have developed that is so unique it is called the Parelli Horsenality Profile. The test lets you know if your horse is a left or right- brain extrovert or introvert and the same for you. It measures where the both of you fall on that scale. Once you know this it helps you to understand your horse’s personality so you know what to do and not to do with your horse. The test is online. 

I found that this group of people who attended have been together in other Parelli clinics. After their first clinic together they became a family… and they like to add to that family. By listening to their stories I found that the Parelli program not only changed their communication and relationship with their horses but changed their way of communicating and their relationships with people. They found that they were happier, more positive, more assured of themselves and open minded. That’s a pretty powerful program.  

Peters offers clinics and camps on his 23 acre horsemanship facility that he shares with his wife Stacy and 10-week old son, Colby, in Greenville.   

For information on this very extraordinary instructor, his clinics and the horsenality profile go to www.jesserpeters.com

Pat and Linda Parelli along with Jesse Peters will be at the Equine Affaire in Columbus in April 2011.  Pitch a tent; it’s going to be full.  

Lisa A. Bell lives in Cambridge. She can be contacted at lisahorses@yahoo.com.  


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