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Waterline update given

John E. LePage Jr. / Correspondent Published: November 16, 2010 4:11 AM


CUMBERLAND — On Nov. 1, Bob Allen from Triad Engineering conducted the monthly update on the waterline project with the Cumberland Village Administrator Dennis Unklesbay. Also present at the meeting were five council members and the Mayor.

It was noted that the water line 95 percent complete. Work on the waterline has gone a few days past the scheduled completion date. They are waiting on delivery of the booster station (which should be on or about Nov. 9). The line is being tested, and various items and concerns are being wrapped up. At the end of the meeting, the representative from Lang Construction answered questions from those present.

Cumberland Village Council news

Cumberland Mayor Viola Abrams and all six council members (Gary Stevens, Shirley Rhinehart, Peggy Cunningham, Elizabeth Whited, Charles Gabel and Brian Roach) were present at the November meeting of the Cumberland Village Council, as were Village Fiscal Officer Peggy Whited, Village Administrator Unklesbay and Street Commissioner Eric Poland.

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Jeff Carr from ADR and Associates, Ltd., talked about the PER which is now completed and requested that the village schedule a special public meeting where ADR would explain to the village residents about the PER and where the wastewater project may go from here. All residents inside the village, even if they are not village water customers, will be part of the wastewater project, while water customers outside the village limits will not be included in the wastewater project (unless by some quirk of design, a wastewater line would happen to come within the required distance of their property).

Later in the meeting, Village Administrator Unklesbay, proposed Nov. 15 at 6 p.m. as the date and time for the meeting. Council approved the proposal. The meeting will be at the firehouse (if available).

Representatives of GDC Engineering (who worked on the water tower project over a decade ago) attended the meeting. They were there to tell the village what their firm could offer if they were chosen to be the company to design the wastewater system for the village.

Bills totaling $254,635.69 were present and approved for payment. Ordinance 2010-14 was passed which dealt with the re-appropration of funds.

Fiscal Officer Whited read a letter from the Morgan Heritage Trail. This is a project that is mapping the route which Morgan’s Raiders took on their pillage through the Northern States during the Civil War. There would be signs places marking the path the Raiders took through the village and automated information station set up in the village to tell those following the path the story of what happened as the Raiders came through the village. There would be some expense to the village to put up the signs. Council voted to send a letter to those backing the project confirming that the village would be happy to participate in this project documenting the historical event.

Unklesbay said the waterline under Route 146 near the grocery store has been repaired. ODOT was on hand to help direct traffic while the village made the repairs. Work has advanced to the top of the hill on Route 146 (Main Street) between Broad and Church streets. It was discovered that the roots of a tree were obstructing drainage pipes. The tree had been trimmed down and the rest of it should be removed by Nov. 6. Work is ongoing in this area, so motorists should be prepared to slow down or stop. When work is completed there, repairs are scheduled to be made on Route 146 (Cambridge Street) near the Viking building and off Route 83 north (Church Street).  Also on the list for repair is Cemetery Street and East Main, but work on problems along the state routes needs to be completed first.

Unklesbay also said he along with councilmembers Rhinehart and Whited would be going to the RCAP class on Nov. 2 in Zanesville.

Street Commissioner Poland noted that the ODOT workers told him that there were two signs on Main Street in front of businesses were blocking the view of motorist coming onto the state route from side streets. He also was told by ODOT that during snowplowing, the state is not responsible for damage done to any vehicles or signs which are on the state right of way. They noted that most villages had ordinances instructing residents to move their vehicles off the street when there’s been more than two inches of snowfall. Council decided to gather information and have the fiscal officer present an ordinance to cover these items at the next meeting. Once the ordinance passes, residents will be advised of the new regulations and when they should move their vehicles.

Councilmember Whited announced that AEP would be putting a new streetlight near the Williams’ residence on Main Street. She also announced that the flower bulbs for spring had been planted in the planter at the Village Park. The Street Commissioner was going to go around the village and write down the numbers of the poles where streetlights were burned out or broken and pass the information along to AEP.

Council’s next meeting will be Dec. 6 at 6 p.m. in the Village Building. 


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