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Some time alone or in the pool is nothing uncommon for this issue’s female senior winter athlete of the week. Setting school records and overcoming whatever life throws her way is senior Julie Lewis.

Six year swimmer Lewis spends a lot of time with JGHS’s swim team as they make a name for themselves this season. Lewis participates in both the 200 medley and 200 free relay teams that have broken school and personal records. The two teams also placed first at sectionals. The feature senior athlete herself has set the top Muskie time in the 100 back stroke.

“Over the years, swimming has really taught me the importance of commitment,” said Lewis.

Besides being an active swimmer, Lewis is also an avid reader. Some novels that top her reading list are the Harry Potter books.

“I’ve learned a lot from the Harry Potter series actually,” said Lewis. “It’s taught me the importance of friendship and to be brave and courageous, especially when it comes to my dad.”

The swimmer’s father has been in the army ever since he had the chance to enlist. His most recent leave took place this past November and will continue until this upcoming November. The absence of her father doesn’t stop Lewis from pushing herself every day.

“My dad has always been my number one motivator,” said Lewis, “in both swimming and in life.”

Sporting ‘Livestrong’ apparel occasionally and permanently placing the word on her wrist, Lewis carries her father’s encouragement wherever she goes. Her support system also includes her mother and two older brothers.

“My mom comes to my swim meets to cheer me on,” said Lewis, “and my brother has always helped me more with school.”

Lewis’s close relationships don’t end there; her friends are “number one” in her life and have always been there when she needed them most.

“I want to give a shout out to all my friends,” said Lewis, “but none for Megan Heacock.”

For a confidant, Lewis trusts her dog, Grace. As an animal lover, this swimmer knows she can always count on Grace to be one of her best friends.

“I work her out,” said Lewis.

As far as her future goes, Lewis is still undecided. Getting accepted into the University of Kentucky has been one of her most recent accomplishments as she waits on other college application decisions.

“I know that no matter what happens,” said Lewis, “I’ll have my family and friends to support me in whatever I choose to do.”

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