Feeney brings personality, leadership to track team

Katie Shanahan Jon Jee Staff Published:

Senior Morgan Feeney runs track? Most know that Feeney is big on soccer, but until this year, track has not been on her list of activities.

Morgan has been playing soccer for 13 years, but this is the first year she has participated in track, and she is glad she did. “It is rewarding to make new friends you’ll have the rest of your life,” said Feeney.

After being in shape for soccer then taking the winter sports season off, many would agree it is hard to get back into shape, and this is exactly what Feeney has to do for track, and she most definitely agrees. “Getting back into shape is always challenging I believe,” said Feeney. “It is hard for both sports I play.”

At the last track meet, Morgan ran a seven minute and 45 second mile. She is a distance runner for the Muskie track team and has a lot to contribute.

As far as her dedication to the team goes, Morgan always seems to be there to pick people up when they are down and maybe even give them a good laugh. “Morgan brings a lot to the team,” said track coach Doug Joy. “Leadership, a great sense of humor, and a great work ethic are just a few.”

Most who know Morgan know that she is a happy-go-lucky kind of person and almost always has someone smiling. Whether it’s from hiding Joy’s coffee cup on a daily basis to just laughing at herself and the goofy things she does, these are just some of the charismatic things Feeney brings to the team.

There are a few things that keep Feeney motivated and excited for the rest of this year’s track season. As many know, once the famous Dairy Duchess opens, that’s the place to be. The track team takes a run down to it every once in a while as their warm up. “I am looking forward to running to Dairy Duchess,” said Feeney. “I also think we have a good chance at winning MVL this year, considering all of the good runners we have.”

Feeney has many ideas set for herself in the future. “I plan to attend Otterbein University,” said Feeney. “I plan to play soccer, and study high school education.”

Whether it’s from picking up a dejected teammate, to donating some points with her distance running, Feeney is known to bring a lot to the team.

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