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New Concord Leader, Jon Jee, moving to online only

Published: December 17, 2016 12:00 PM

Those in the newspaper business know that the only constant is change.

If you've been in the business any length of time, you may have gone from manual typewriters to electric typewriters to ever-changing computers and computer programs designed to put the printed word on a page.

And now there are changes from the printed word on a page to a word on a computer screen, a tablet, a cell phone.

The times they are a'changing.

The unfortunate reality is that the few loyal advertising supporters of the New Concord Leader were not enough to make the product financially viable. The Jeffersonian continued to print and distribute The Leader at a loss, largely for the benefit of the Jon Jee, the student newspaper of John Glenn High School.

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But with the advent of online journalism, students are far more likely to use their tablets and cell phones than they are to use a printed page. It's simply a fact.

Recognizing that, The Daily & Sunday Jeffersonian is partnering with John Glenn High School and the media class to present a new, and exciting, chapter for The Jon Jee. The Jeffersonian is creating a new website, www.newconcordleader.com, and is offering it to the media students to pursue journalism in a format that is much more relevant for them and provides a much better educational outlet for their creativity.

Katie Day, advisor for the media class, said, “To say that the students are excited would be an understatement because of the flexibility of running an online school newspaper. No longer will the students be limited to what they can and cannot write because of publishing dates and the timeliness that comes with a printed paper…I am extremely excited to offer this opportunity to the students in the media program and for the students at JGHS who will now be all the more connected. It is fitting that all students can now share and experience their school newspaper the same way that they do so many other social media platforms and websites they view regularly.”

Mary Ann DeVolld, who retired after being The Jon Jee advisor for many years, also said she understands the changing world for students.

"Most people in the community today probably can’t remember when the Jon Jee wasn’t published in the Leader. I was so grateful to the Jeffersonian for allowing our students the opportunity to produce a weekly school newspaper, and this was at a very small cost to us. Our New Concord community purchased advertising from the Jeffersonian ad representatives to keep the New Concord Leader alive.

“Now, it’s time for a tradition to end…A change like this is sad at first, but change can also lead to improvements. We want our students to be prepared for the future, and this is a good chance for that to happen. We need to help them to succeed by supporting their efforts.”

Included in this issue of The New Concord Leader are the last printed Jon Jee stories and photographs. The last printed issue of The New Concord Leader will be a Christmas issue on Dec. 25. The new website, www.newconcordleader.com, is now available and will remain free of charge for all content. In addition, some content from the website will also be included in The Sunday Jeffersonian when available.

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