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Strange Laws

By: NICOLE LYNCH Jon Jee Staff Published: January 18, 2017 7:55 AM

Imagine a world where whistling underwater is prohibited, where you cannot snooze on a train, where you cannot swear in public without being fined one dollar per word, and where road-kill is encouraged to be taken home for supper. Now imagine that this world is smaller, much like the size of a state. This “world” is actually West Virginia. Everything previously listed are just a few strange laws still in act in West Virginia today.

Some weird laws are common sense and some are just plain silly. For example, in Michigan, it is illegal to cheat on your spouse. If you are charged with this crime, you may face up to four years in prison and be charged with a $5,000 fine.

Another strange law is located in North Dakota. Basically, in North Dakota, charities can hold poker games to raise money, but no more than twice a year. Talk about a weird way to raise money for a charity.

These next laws might be some of the weirdest and most confusing. In Arizona, it is illegal to have a donkey sleep in your bath tub. In Arkansas, it is illegal to pronounce “Arkansas” incorrectly. In California, it is illegal for a dog to pursue a bear or a bobcat at any time. And in Colorado, contrary to what the tag reads, the tags are allowed to be ripped off of pillows and mattresses.

Now for the weird laws from my home state. In Ohio, it is illegal to have more than five women live in one house. It is also illegal to mistreat anything of good importance. Another strange law is that no civil arrests may be made on Sunday or on the Fourth of July. It is also illegal to fish for whales on Sunday, which carries over to the law that makes it illegal to get a fish drunk.

These aren’t the only bizarre laws across the U.S., but sometimes they do make some people a little more cautious. There are many more, so before you enter a new state, you should make sure you won’t do anything illegal when you arrive.

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