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Landing A Prom Date

NICOLE LYNCH Jon Jee Staff Published: March 9, 2017 9:35 AM

So, you want a cool way to ask a friend or a crush to prom? Well, first things first, you need to have someone in mind. Think of someone with a really good-looking smile, someone with a great personality, or maybe even think of someone who is just a boat load of fun. Have someone in mind? Good.

This “special someone” probably has a favorite animal or a favorite color, or maybe they have a favorite sport. No matter what it is, he or she obviously likes something enough to where you can use it to get creative and land a prom date.

To make this easier to understand, say there is a girl named Becca who really wants to ask her crush Kevin to prom, but she has no idea how to ask him. What Becca needs to do is think about what Kevin really likes.

Becca would say to herself, “Well, I know Kevin plays baseball, and I know he really likes to work out, maybe I could think of an idea that has to do with one of those two things.”

Next, Becca has one of two options: 1. Look up ideas online (Pinterest is her best bet), or 2. Get creative and think of something using only her noggin (probably the hardest, but it is not impossible).

It is fairly easy to find something on Pinterest, and it is super creative too! The top results on Pinterest when searching “baseball promposal” are a few signs that include cute puns pertaining to baseball. One is a sign shaped like a base, and it says, “Can I steal you for prom?” Very simple, creative, and is sure to land Becca a prom date. The second is a sign that says, “I’m just pitching an idea” and the girl is holding a cookie cake that is shaped like a baseball and it says, “Prom?” Everyone likes cake, how could Kevin resist? The third is a baseball that has writing on it, and the writing says, “I might ‘strike out’ by asking, but will you be my ‘catch’ to prom?” This idea shows that Becca wanted to ask Kevin to prom in a subtle way, so instead of making a big poster, she just wrote something cute on a small baseball.

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All of these are pretty clever, and they all seem to be inexpensive. So, if Becca were to choose one of these ideas, her next step is to get her supplies, make the poster, get the baseball, or get the cake, and ask! Well, maybe Becca shouldn’t ask right away. On the day of asking, Becca needs to get her confidence up, pick out a cute outfit, and practice what she is going to say a few times in the mirror, and then she can go ask.

Becca is probably wondering when the perfect time to ask Kevin is. It’s probably the most important part of this whole process. It’s never really a good idea to completely blindside someone when you ask them a big question like this. Becca can either: A. ask one of his friends to see if he will be comfortable with her asking him, or B. ask him herself if it is okay. Some would say it kind of defeats the purpose if they know that you are asking them to prom, but really, it’s just saving you from embarrassment if something were to go wrong. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Bottom line is, to get the perfect prom date for you, you need to have someone in mind, find out their interests, see if they will be comfortable with you asking them, and then you can ask. Always remember the most important thing is to be yourself, and if someone tells you that they don’t want to go with you, don't be too upset over it because it’s their loss. You can totally find someone better, or even ask a friend. Dates are not essential by any means. Have fun, and be sure to share your epic “promposal” on social media so all of your friends can see.

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