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Pain is Temporary, GPA is Forever

NICOLE LYNCH Jon Jee Staff Published: April 7, 2017 7:39 AM

Finals are approaching very quickly, and it is never too early to start reviewing. Every year John Glenn High School has end-of-course testing, SLOs, and finals. For those of who haven’t taken finals before, (that’s you, freshmen), here is a helpful run-down and valuable tips that can be used to ace those tests.

The routine at JGHS for finals can be confusing at first, but it is easy to pick up. There will be days during that last week of school where a student may not have to come in at all, and there are days when a student has several tests. The schedule goes by class periods, and each period may have a different testing day. For example, one day you might have your first period final exam, but not your second or third, and your study hall is fourth period. You would have to be here for your test first period, but you may be picked up or sign out with parent permission given to the office ahead of time.

The last nine weeks is crucial to make time at home to study. If you are unaware of the best possibilities when it comes to studying, here are a few tips from students around the school.

First off, don’t stress! Finals week is taxing and it does take a lot of preparation, but if you don’t try to cram all the information you need to know into a 10-minute study period. That leads to the next tip which is to not leave studying until the last minute. You will perform poorly if you don’t dedicate an adequate amount of time to studying. Probably the most important piece of advice is to get your priorities straight. Study the areas that are the most challenging of a given subject first. Attending to the more difficult parts of the test will not only boost your confidence, but also your grade.

Not only do other students want to help you want succeed, but the biggest supporters are the teachers. Do you remember in the intermediate and middle school days when you were told by your teachers to get a good night's rest, eat a healthy breakfast, and bring a few extra pencils? The same tips apply for finals, except they aren’t read off to you by the teachers; in fact, teachers have more to say than pre-written instructions on a test.

Mrs. Belcher advises you to “make sure that you are taking time off of work and socializing the night before, so you can study effectively for the test.”

Miss Day suggests that you do not distract yourself when you are trying to prepare and do not to procrastinate. “Practice good study habits before, such as not watching television while you study, taking a few study breaks every now and then, and shutting of your phone while you study.”

What you should take away from these great pieces of advice is that finals are no joke. Just because they are the very last thing you do, does not mean that you should blow it off. Take it step-by-step, ask questions, and do your best. The end is near and summer will be here in the blink of an eye.

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