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New Faces

MYA WILSON Jon Jee Staff Published: October 3, 2017 7:54 AM

    This year starts off with a few new faces. The freshman coming into a new building, faced with new challenges throughout the school year. Along with the freshman, there are also new faces in the staff department. Jessica Martin and Sara Irvin are the new members of John Glenn High School staff. Being a freshman is a very confusing and never racking time, but imagine being a teacher at a school where you know a minimal amount of people or no one at all.

    Irvin grew up in Johnstown, Ohio but has also lived in Wyoming for a couple years before coming to John Glenn. Although she was unfamiliar with the East Muskingum schools, she said that what she did hear of the district was all good. Her previous teaching experience includes three years of high school, and prior to that she taught toddlers for three years. She was also a substitute teacher for five years. Ms. Irvin teaches American History, Current Events, and AP Psychology.

    She has said, “I have always enjoyed American History. My favorite is the westward expansion and the wagon trains that moved people west. I enjoy learning about why people left their homes and took a chance in a wild and unknown place.”

    Clearly she enjoys what she teaches.

    Unlike Irvin, this is Mrs.Martin’s first year of teaching. She teaches art and photography.

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    Martin says, “I registered for Drawing 1 even though I was not an art major and had no intentions of becoming an art major.”

    She is originally from Parkersburg, WV, but has moved to this district because of her husband, Mr. Martin, the Assistant Principal of the middle school.

     Everyone knows how scary a new environment can be. Most can remember a time where they were nervous and had no friends to turn to. Everyone make sure to help these new teachers become situated to John Glenn High School as they start a new journey as a Muskie.

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