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A Season Wrap Up

TAIYLOR WILLIAMSON Jon Jee Staff Published: February 28, 2017 3:54 PM

The John Glenn High School girls basketball team has proved to everyone that they have been working hard to better themselves throughout the season. The Muskies have fought through this season to defeat rivals and other obstacles that have appeared in their way.

This is the second year Kirby has been head coach of the team and we’ve seen changes made to further the team's success. The team has had an 11-12 season. The Muskies were 16th-seeded for the tournaments this year and they definitely proved that the seed is just a number.

The team won their first playoff game against the 11th-seeded Buckeye Local Panthers. The Panthers were unable to compete with the Muskies athleticism. The Muskies came out prepared to fight and gained an advantage of 20-8 in the first quarter. The team went 8-for-10 from the field during the second quarter, which further diminished the Panthers chance of winning. The halftime score was 38-17.

Junior Madison Hunter and senior Bre Tetirick evenly divided 34 points for the Muskies. Senior Gabbi Blair chipped in with eight points. The final score was 62-34. The team was hopeful that this momentum would carry them to another victory.

The Lady Muskies second playoff game was against West Holmes, who were 2nd-seeded in the tournament draw. This game is where the Muskies season came to an end. The girls fought throughout the game to try and climb to the top after a rough first quarter but in the end, the Knights came out victorious. The team suffered a hard loss with a final score of 54-26.

While the season has come to an end, the journey was an impressive feat for the Lady Muskies’ basketball program. Next year they hope they will continue to see growth and build upon the success of this year.

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